Johan Erenius

2010-08-11: Work, work, update, update

So what is happening here and in my life. First of all the site has got some content updates, mostly here on the homepage with all my contactlinks. I try to be quite active everywhere else than here, posting updates haha. That’s why my twitter were added, atleast there you can see some stuff of what I’m up to, sometimes.

So as far for work, my internship at Ghost ended early June and I graduated from IAA. I wish I get the chance to come back both to Ghost and IAA in the future. During the summer I have been working in Trollhättan for Copenhagen Bombay, on their animated feature movie The Great Bear.

I have also had the time to do the CGworkshop, Realflow in production by Allan Mckay and currently doing the FXPHD for Realflow 5. We’ll see when I get my time around to upload some new FX and R&D stuff, for the near future I will be working on some new stuff for my reel.

So some cool stuff to be seen soon, until then have a great time! (and “Like” my stuff)