Johan Erenius

2011-10-28: Disney Universe, Sweden and whatever…

It was such a long time ago since my last post here that I figured it would be fitting to post an update on the release date of the game I worked on this year. Disney Universe gets out today! If you have a kid or two and a console or a PC, go get it for them.

Alright enough about that. I left England, Eurocom and a lot of super awesome friends to get back to Sweden to work on my reel. I felt that my true passion is in the film and commercial, pre-rendered industry if you like. I missed all the simulation and rendering all-nighters 😛

So right now I am working through my Fxphd courses from the July term, that I didn’t got the time to do while still working. Trying to get a good workflow in  The Foundry’s Nuke so I can comp my FX-passes when I get back in production. Widening my skills a bit.  Also of course working on some reel-projects that I think and hope will be the best effects I’ve done so far.

So until the next time, have a good one!

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