Johan Erenius

2012-12-04: December updates

So I have been back from London for a while now. Really enjoyed working and living there and would like to get the chance to go there again. For now I’m back in Sweden and working on updating my reel.¬†At the moment I’m not scheduled anywhere so if you are looking for a new artist just send me a mail at erenius [a] gmail com

Here is the Dyson commercial that I worked on at Mainframe. I was responsible for the grid system along the walls of the room as well as doing some R & D in FumeFX and Krakatoa for the airflows.

YouTube Preview Image

A couple of days ago I also uploaded a vfx shot that I made for the upcoming reel. The FX are made in Maya, the track in PFTrack (which was a complete new area for me) and comped in Nuke.